Pilot urban sponge, construction of water purification and soil fixation area

"Sponge City Construction Theme" - WEME Landscape Design Works (1)


 Have you ever seen "underwater forest"? This is a very good image of the underwater submerged plants. If you come to Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Gaoxin Avenue, the intersection of seven roads, you can see the Longshan Creek, if you are interested in squatting down to look at the bottom of the water body, you will see the surface of the water under the goldfish algae, light leaf eyedroppers and other land forests as lush as the forest, like a forest, it is marvelous.

Longshan Creek originally meandering and curved, in the surrounding high-tech avenue, coral north road, jiufeng all the way, two roads, three roads in the successive construction, the original Longshan Creek, in addition to a small stream of turbid water and part of the re-flowering, can not see the stream's original face; more due to the surrounding rainwater and sewage discharges, the waste of the earth buried fill, streams have become a chaotic, no one asked for a small water ditch. Ltd. invested in ecological restoration, reconstruction of Longshan Creek and used it as an ecological nullah in the pilot sponge city design. The original should be buried in large-size pipe place, with ecological nullah instead of green infrastructure partially replace gray infrastructure, to achieve the role of bioretention area; after dredging the ecological nullah width of 20-50 meters, obviously better able to cope with heavy rainfall during the rainy season on the regional drainage trunk pipe network impact. The profile of the nullah is resilient to the impact of rain and flooding.

However, if we simply let the upstream and surrounding rainwater of Longshan Creek enter the landscape water body through the pipeline, it will entrain a large amount of sediment, and at the same time, due to the fast flow rate during heavy rainfall, it will roll up the sediment on the bottom of the lake when it enters the landscape lake, resulting in the turbidity of the water body, which will affect the visual effect. Therefore, the designers of Vimeo Landscape not only designed water-supporting plants in the stream, but also meticulously laid out the planting in the riverbed, designed to lay zeolites and planted submerged plants, and utilized the stagnation, purification and adsorption mechanisms of the surface wetland and submerged wetland to self-purify the water body and soil and water conservation. The low-impact and bioretention design can significantly reduce the frequency of "going to Wuhan to see the sea" in this area.

The Longshan Stream Ecological Nullah connects to the Longshan Ecological Sports Park in the north and passes through the Han Future Science and Technology City. On both sides of the waterfront line stretches, according to the willow, the shadow of the trees, flower petals with the water drift, stacked springs and waterfalls. The two sides of the "greenway" design, and the regional greenway system as a whole, you can stroll, jogging, cycling. As you travel along, you will find flowers, green grass, forests, and streams, all of which are different and mysterious.

You will be able to find fireflies, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects on the flowers, and maybe even mysterious and unpredictable elves at night. The water in the flower stream is gently rippling, the grass is swaying, and the fish are swimming agilely.


A water-friendly platform with plantings along the water's edge


A small bridge connecting the two sides of the river


The underwater forest is planted under the water.


A platform overlooking the creek