Cases of WEME

WEME Cases | [Secret Green Corridor] The Poetic Rebirth of Zhangjiagang Donghenghe Green Corridor

The Poetic Rebirth of Zhangjiagang Donghenghe Green CorridorSecret Green Corrido... [详细]

WEME Cases | From Beginner to Paradise: Unlocking the Code to a Happy Life in Jinfu Affordable Housi

金福家园的景观设计项目,以“祥瑞将至,福临万家”为核心理念,巧妙融合现代极简风格与传统东方美学,旨在塑造一个集生态、文化、健康与互动于一体的高品质居住环境。此方... [详细]

Meet Garden of the West: Dream Weavers of Time and Space at the 2024 World Garden Congress

On April 28th, the World Garden Congress Wuhan Chapter was grandly opened. 39 n... [详细]

Creativity and Interaction: Exploring Innovations in Fluorescent Running Track Design in Shanghai's

The fluorescent running track in Huanghai Forest Park, Dongtai, Jiangsu, designe... [详细]

WEME Case | Boundless Ark - Sustainable and Aesthetic Landscape of Jinsha Yipin - Landscape Design o

-华昌集团南京浦口区居住小区“金沙一品”景观设计This community, surrounded by lush green axial landscape... [详细]

WEME Case | Floating Alilua Mountain--EPC Roof Garden of Master Building of Shanghai Institute of Vi

In the center of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts of Fudan University is the fa... [详细]

WEME Case | Jiaoke Songjiang Science and Technology Park Landscape: Integration of Technology, Natur

This project is in Songjiang District, Shanghai, adjacent to Sizhuan Highway in ... [详细]

A Sustainable Cultural Landscape Implementation Approach for a Coastal Waterfront Living Room--Centu

01. General description of the projectFengxian District is close to the East Chi... [详细]

WEME Case | Marina Waterfront Living Room - China Central Railway Century Shangcheng Demonstration A

1. General IntroductionThe location of China Railway Century City is Fengxian Di... [详细]

NEWS|WEMECHINA wined IFLA AAPME Honor Awards 2022: Wetland Conservation Design Based on NbS and Clim

NEWS|WEMECHINA wined IFLA AAPME Honor Awards 2022: Wetland Conservation Design Based on NbS and Clim... [详细]

Flower Stream Water Printing Spring Colors, Rippling and Shimmering Attracting People

South Lake Flower Creek Park is adjacent to South Lake, surrounded by residentia... [详细]

The Landscape Is In Your Heart | Sanmenbaoji Imperial Mansion

The eighteen hedge gates follow the curving streams, and the seven-pillared mai... [详细]

Modern Minimalist-Female Industrial Style Demonstration Area Landscape

Modern Minimalist-Female Industrial Style Demonstration Area LandscapeParadise a... [详细]

If There's A Phoenix Coming, It Won't Live On A Sycamore Tree --Demonstration Of Wutong Villa In Yan

Traditional Chinese gardens are longitudinal courtyards with multiple depths, bu... [详细]

Pilot urban sponge, construction of water purification and soil fixation area

"Sponge City Construction Theme" - WEME Landscape Design Works (1) Ha... [详细]

Flowers And Plants Are Heaven--Jiufeng All The Way Greening Landscape Design

Project Name: Wuhan East Lake National New Area Jufeng Road Greening DesignKey ... [详细]

Green, Clean, Bright and Beautiful--Shanghai Humin Road Landscape Improvement Design

Project Name: Shanghai Humin Road Landscape Greening Upgrade DesignKeywords: gre... [详细]

A Memorial Space Bridging History and Modernity--Zhangjiagang Dongduyuan Green Space Landscape

Project Location: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu ProvinceDesign Keywords: Memories of th... [详细]

Pursue Excellence--Shanghai Chongming Baoyi Scenic Waterfront Landscape Design

Project Name: Shanghai Chongming Baoyi Scenic WaterfrontProject features: low p... [详细]