Flower Stream Water Printing Spring Colors, Rippling and Shimmering Attracting People

South Lake Flower Creek Park is adjacent to South Lake, surrounded by residential areas on three sides, water is the most advantageous resource of the project, people are the core subject of the project, so that nature can do its work to serve the public, the waterfront, the crowd, the landscape is integrated with each other, forming a slow life park by the water on the shore. Wandering in the meandering flower stream, tree shadows, sparkling; walk in the shore water spring season, quiet and natural, picturesque, as the saying goes, "flower stream flow water print spring color, rippling pan shimmering attracted by the people", afternoon twilight in which the quiet, leisurely is also so right.


Hongshan District South Lake Flower Creek Park project design is in the South Lake water environment enhancement and the military games in the context of the landscape design project, the project is located in Wuhan, Hongshan District, Wuhan South Lake northwestern shore, the status quo terrain is higher than the shoreline of the lake is about 3 meters, is the perfect place to enjoy the lake.

In order to improve the living environment of the surrounding residents and follow the pace of the South Lake water environment enhancement, combined with the project's current topographic conditions and water environment resources and other characteristics, the design of this one "lake appreciation heights" into a community-type park that can be traveled to enjoy playing and leisure.


In terms of the design of the garden road, the sponge measures such as ecological flower streams and rain gardens with sponge function are used as the base, so that it can form the mood of streams and roads with the garden road; in terms of the terrain treatment, it relies on the original terrain, and carries out the slope modeling, so as to make it like golf terrain like a soothing undulation; in terms of the design of the plants, the background area takes the sparse and dense combination of the mixed forests as the collocation pattern, taking into account the privacy of the villa area, while leaving the lake observation sight line corridors; Prospect lakefront belt, the design of sparse forest lawn, to ensure the sense of permeability under the forest, leaving enough to view the lake, forest turf space and take into account the functional use of public activities; node design, to fully meet the needs of residents' fitness activities, leisure and recreation, children's activities and so on.


The creation of Flower Creek is also the focus of this case, the use of ecological methods of landscape stone plus plant flower landscape to create, integrated into the stream, and the use of a wealth of plant and flower varieties to create to emphasize the characteristics of its landscape space and thematic features, and show people the rainwater collection and purification of ecological measures, presenting the results of the improvement of the quality of the water in South Lake, and the abstract conceptualization of the fish vignettes interspersed with the Flower Creek, but also to strengthen the integrity and interest of the Flower Creek Park. The abstract conceptualization of fish vignettes interspersed with the Flower Stream is also continuously strengthening the integrity and interest of Flower Stream Park.


In addition, combining the topography and the flower stream, we have integrated the concept of sponge city in a more practical way, permeable pavement, rain garden, grass-planted ditch, bioretention belt, etc. are the best embodiment. And the service facilities we are more human and animal consideration, in order to build a most humanized South Lake Flower Stream Park. South Lake water pollution is a key project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the provincial and municipal leaders attach great importance to the design of the beginning of the flower stream through the park, rainwater collection, so that all the surface rainwater are biologically purified and then discharged into the lake. The length of the bioretention zone is lengthened, and a number of stabilization ponds are designed according to the topography to better purify the collected rainwater. At the same time, the concept of sponge park is integrated, and the design combines the sunken green space with the water purification system to form a composite utilization of the park's characteristic flower stream.

In the specific design, we take "two veins, two districts, six sections" to elaborate the landscape structure. The two veins are red vein (slow walkway), blue vein (flower stream), the two arteries through the landscape; two areas are divided by the road background group area and sparse forest grassland, thus reflecting the hierarchical landscape effect.


The six nodes are important landscape nodes with certain functional attributes and landscape features, namely, the budding pet paradise, half-boat lake view, blue wave view, children's world, purple corridor forest wind, and vitality grass stream.


The design scope of the project site is 19520 square meters, the current situation has more municipal pipe networks, high voltage towers, underground cables, etc., taking into account the existing lake trestle and road network and the site of the articulation, and the west side of the villa area juxtaposed to the psychology of the living population, coupled with the current vegetation and soil quality is not good, the site of the landscape design is more restricted; the only good thing is that the site can be utilized topography, only need to carry out a reasonable balance of the earth can be. After sorting out the status quo, we have formed a processing idea, under the premise of avoiding all kinds of constraints, we can use the background forest of plants to shade the villa residence to a certain extent, so as to emphasize the privacy of the living crowd; the landscape effect is better near the waterfront, which can be used as the main and secondary node landscape; relying on the existing road network structure, we can set up the main and secondary entrances, and make use of the road division to do the spatial division. 


The South Lake where the project is located is planned to have "one ring, three axes and twelve sceneries", and there are already three comprehensive, waterfront recreational and ornamental parks; after our in-depth analysis of the location, the South Lake belongs to the Townsend Lake system, which belonged to the South Lake fishing grounds in the past, and now the comprehensive improvement of the water environment project has been carried out, and the South Lake will be constructed to become The South Lake will be constructed as a core fortress to improve the flood prevention capacity of the area, a municipal park to provide citizens with daily leisure and recreational activities, and a large-scale ecological plate to improve the city's ecological environment. Therefore, in order to emphasize the culture and sentiment of the site and make up for the lack of landscape function, we propose to build a community park with "water culture and fishing culture" to create a waterfront landscape space.


To sum up, in line with the people-oriented, highlighting the characteristics, site-specific, reflecting the sentiment of the design principles; highlight the South Lake "water culture", emphasize "people-oriented", optimize leisure "slow" design strategy. The design strategy of "slow" tour line, to create a "Huaxi Yi Ren" as the theme of ecological protection, interactive entertainment and ornamental rest and other functions in one of the Huaxi theme community park.