If There's A Phoenix Coming, It Won't Live On A Sycamore Tree --Demonstration Of Wutong Villa In Yangzhong Polytek

Traditional Chinese gardens are longitudinal courtyards with multiple depths, but if you encounter a horizontally unfolding spatial sequence, how can you deal with it in order to create a spatial sequence and a sense of ceremony in the room? The demonstration area of the residential area develops into the landscape of the front yard and the back yard, and even develops into the spatial sequence of the modern residential landscape of "a door, two halls, three courtyards, four mansions, five houses". The landscape space of Yangzhong Baoji Wutong Villa demonstration area innovatively replaces the landscape front and back fields with the landscape left and right fields to achieve the same effect.


Site photo before design


Series and parallel mode of landscape front and back fields in the demonstration area


Linear space of left and right unfolding

Due to the limitation of the site, the designers of Vimeo Landscape are faced with a demonstration area with shallow depth, and what they need is a horizontal unfolding sequence of landscape space in the demonstration area, and the designers use the horizontal unfolding linear landscape to string out various landscape spaces. In the center is the entrance landscape square, is the front field of the sales office; east side is the entrance courtyard, guests enter the sales office and then enter the courtyard, this is the back field of the landscape, the back field and then through the landscape corridor into the model house. Such a dynamic arrangement, consistent with the requirements of the sales office, innovatively handles the relationship between the front and back of the landscape, and solves the contradiction between the shallow depth space and the traditional living space of the vertical depth space requirements.


Sculpture water feature outside the door from the sales office


The landscape creativity is based on the use of common local cycads, and the landscape trees are used for the positioning of the property. Entrance on both sides of the six paulownia trees and the entrance to the grass on several dramatic enlargement of the sycamore leaf sculpture, elegantly point out the theme of the property landscape, reflecting the feelings of the sycamore tree; this situation on the scene is more like a falling leaf to the root of the friendship, a metaphor for the return of travelers to their homes, the leaves return to their roots.


Wutong leaf sculpture at the entrance

In the landscape design of Yangzhong Wutong Villa, the designers of Vimeo Landscape have dissolved the park-like public landscape, warm activity site and sentimental landscape elements into one.


Entrance square after design


Landscape lamp post at the entrance