Green, Clean, Bright and Beautiful--Shanghai Humin Road Landscape Improvement Design

Project Name: Shanghai Humin Road Landscape Greening Upgrade Design

Keywords: greening optimization, lighting and beautification

Humin Road is one of the main roads in Shanghai, which connects Xuhui and Minhang districts, and is a major transportation route between Shanghai and Hangzhou. before the World Expo 2010, Vimeo Landscape was commissioned to renovate and upgrade the landscape of the urban section of Humin Road.

How to reflect the "civilization to welcome the World Expo, enthusiasm to welcome guests", Humin Road needs to be green, purified, brightened and beautified. Our design is based on the experience of the most common citizens, from the point of view of satisfying the arteries of the city, we take the pulse of Humin Road comprehensively. The final decision was to dress up Humin Road and beautify it completely. Within the red line and green line of the road, we will upgrade the greening, beautify the elevated columns, plant elevated flower beds, rebuild the peripheral fences, standardize and unify the sanitation facilities, beautify the power supply and distribution facilities, and put forward the style requirements for the signboards and advertisement light boxes outside the red line; we will also green some of the abandoned land. Humin Road is now clean, beautiful and orderly, reflecting the city's high level of governance over the road and its landscape.


Humin Road 1


Humin Road 2


Humin Road 3


Humin Road 4


Humin Road 5

(Some pictures from "Baidu Street View")