Flowers And Plants Are Heaven--Jiufeng All The Way Greening Landscape Design


Project Name: Wuhan East Lake National New Area Jufeng Road Greening Design

Key Words: urban greenway, ornamental grass, flower landscape


Nine peaks all the way is named because of Wuhan's nine peaks mountain, it is one of the main roads in the national new area--Wuhan East Lake Development Zone. It connects a number of administrative units in the development zone with scenic browsing areas. Vimeo Landscape's designers designed the road with a human/non-human shared-plank approach, incorporating the new zone's urban greenway system for the public's slow-moving enjoyment.

The micro-topography is designed to incorporate the undulations of the terrain on both sides of the gap, with a mix of suitable tree species on both sides of the road. The canopy line of the site is gently undulating; the curves along the forest line change gracefully. The planting of floral mirrors and ornamental grasses is utilized on both sides of the road, so you can enjoy the beauty of flowers, weeds, and the ecological beauty of the slopes. On this road, besides trees, the main characters are  flowers and grasses. As the saying goes: A flower is a paradise, a grass is a world.


Design Overview


A green belt that partially separates the greenway from the sidewalk.


Here the greenway runs parallel to the sidewalk (1)


Here the greenway runs parallel to the sidewalk (2)


Application of ornamental grasses