A Memorial Space Bridging History and Modernity--Zhangjiagang Dongduyuan Green Space Landscape


Project Location: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province

Design Keywords: Memories of the past, thoughts of the future; memorial space, ecological wetland

Zhangjiagang Dongduyuan is located in the urban area, which is adjacent to the local site of ancient Huangsipu, the starting point of the sixth eastward journey of Jianzhen, and is across the forest from the Jianzhen Eastward Journey Memorial Hall and the Dongdu Temple. The site consists of two major parts: the temple and the green space, which will be designed as a thematic memorial green space with the functions of education, recreation and tourism. We will build an ecological wetland with a pond and simulate the sea; a shipwreck site covered with glass to express the hardship of the six voyages to the East; and a miniature Japanese-style landscape garden to symbolize the success of reaching the East. A series of attractions are used to materialize the scene of the sixth voyage to the East: monk Jianzhen traveled to Japan six times from 743 to promote Buddhism after 11 years and suffered a lot to finally reach Japan. He brought with him the splendid culture of the Tang Dynasty, and had a profound influence on many aspects of Buddhism in Japan. Local attractions such as Deer Park and Horseshoe Bridge also have great stories to tell. The riverbank that runs through the park symbolizes the link between history and modernity.


Lotus pond view from afar


Japanese-style garden (1)


Restoration of the historical Mashiki Bridge


Trestle Bridge


Japanese-style garden (2)