Modern Minimalist-Female Industrial Style Demonstration Area Landscape


Modern Minimalist-Female Industrial Style Demonstration Area Landscape

Paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below

Clear and elegant cultural characteristics

Minimalist modern expression

Rational, intellectual, elegant, cozy

and a moderate sense of power

Write the gentle beauty of Jiangnan.


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Design Inspiration

Suzhou's residential gardens are as beautiful as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is world-famous. Among the many classical gardens in Suzhou, Canglang Pavilion is one of the oldest. Its waterfront coping gallery connects to the Turnip Stream, which can reach the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, connecting the four seas and eight directions. Building the "Canal and Bank" project on the bank of the ancient canal in Suzhou New District, a community that provides a better life for modern people to improve their living conditions, faces the problem of how to respect the tradition and how to face the future.

The sales office and demonstration area of the base is less than 3,000m2, how to create the front, back and demonstration area landscapes required for sales and set up the corresponding service lines on such a small base? Of course, small is not the problem, Suzhou's Net Master Garden and Art Garden are less than 4,000m2, but still "outside the creation of the teacher, in the heart of the source", to create a graceful and colorful scene, the center of the water with the surrounding pavilions and beautiful.

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The designer found inspiration from the waterfront corridor - the copyist corridor, folding lines and water contact, as if the river winding, long and distant, "I would like to swim against the current, looking for her direction."


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This direction is to find the intersection of Suzhou's ancient gardens, canals and banks, and modern industrial style, in order to create a modern living landscape with a sense of place; in this direction, the designer is consistent with the "industrial women's style", which is both concise and clear, but also gentle and touching. The paving lines in the front field, the starting direction of the water feature and the refreshing light bands at night are a combination of folding lines and arcs, decisive and tactful, just like the women in the workplace, who seem to be weak but strong-willed.

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The landscape of the backyard is full of beautiful grasses and winding paths.

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After passing through the quiet book bar, you will come to the showroom; behind the showroom, there is a large lawn, suitable for parties or other social activities.

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You'll be able to appreciate some of the goddess-appropriate designs as you explore, for example, when you come into the project site, the parking spaces are goddess-appropriate parking spaces. Ridiculous? Goddess landscape? Seriously, on-site experience, the landscape is still quite neutral.


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The landscape design of the foreground and backyard is extremely simple, without a trace of redundancy, looking at clouds and water, light and shadow, feeling the canal and the settlement, the sky and the city. Sunset, golden sunlight sprinkled on the semi-permeable glass, reflected in the water surface, springs attentively gushing waves, lit into lemon yellow by the underwater lights; early lights, a few stars on the trees embedded in the azure sky; on the ground of the lights of the river connecting the Milky Way, next to the guard is the ancient canals; canal next to the footsteps of the slender man has long since disappeared, the maiden does not have to go to the riverside to coon, Canglang Pavilion no longer live in the recitation of the "Poetry" of fluttering young men, but the banks of the canal are not the same, but the canal and the city. The Canglang Pavilion is no longer inhabited by young men reciting the Book of Psalms, but the lights along the bank are dimmed and the prosperity is even better.

Welcome to "Canal and Bank", the new garden of Suzhou in the 21st century!


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Project Name: Canal and Bank

Landscape Style: Modern Style

Designed by: Shanghai WEME Landscape

Project Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Construction time: 2018

Landscape area: sample area 3000 square meters

Developer: Jiahua Real Estate/Yuzhou Real Estate/Mileage Real Estate

(Most of the pictures are taken by WEME Landscape, a few are provided by the developer)