Looking at the mountain, remembering the nostalgia--Huangshi Magnetic Lake West Bank Lakescape Project

Looking at the mountain, remembering the nostalgia--Huangshi Magnetic Lake West Bank Lakescape Project

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Project Name: Huangshi Magnetic Lake West Bank Lakescape Project Design

Project Location: Magnetic Lake, Huangshi City, Hubei Province

Design Keywords: best ornamental water level, waterfront open green space, nostalgia

Magnetic Lake was formerly known as South Lake, Zhangjia Lake, later because of the rumor that in ancient times there are a large number of magnets in the magnetic lake, so it is named "Magnetic Lake". The lake was originally connected to the Yangtze River, but urban development separated the two. All the work is part of the lake's management and river-lake connection project. Historically, water hyacinth has been a recurring problem, indicating the continued deterioration of water quality and excessive nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in the water. The relocation of factories and residences along the shores of the lake is part of the city's ambitious plans for "river and lake connectivity" and "comprehensive management of Magnetic Lake". The design of the western, northwestern, and northeastern shores of Magnetic Lake, as well as the north and south waterfronts of Tuan Cheng Shan, will make the vast majority of the 38.5 kilometers of lakeshore built waterfront green space open to the public.

Shanghai WEME Landscape Design and Engineering Co., Ltd. completed the west bank of Magnetic Lake landscape project part, including the size of about 10,000 square meters of new lake, this new lake was originally for the city's landfill, digging up the earth left behind by the depressions and a few shantytowns. The designers made careful arrangements around the formation of a walking path along the lake, how the public can get close to the water, and how to preserve the old trees and wells. The design process combined urban rainfall information with drainage arrangements to deduce the city's optimal viewing water level.

The surface of this lake is about 3 meters higher than the current Magnetic Lake, and the designers set different lake heights according to the groundwater level - setting the new lake surface using ecological restoration methods to simulate the habitat system of the surrounding water ponds. Rainwater is collected from the periphery into the lake, buffered by vegetation and water-holding plants, and purified into the new lake; excess rainwater enters the magnetic lake through an overflow dam. After field measurements, the water quality of the new lake can reach the third category of water quality standards for a long time, while Magnetic Lake is still in the state of inferior fifth category of water quality (but meets the discharge standard of Class A), to be further improved.

At present, the Magnetic Lake scenic area and the surrounding lakeshore, the mountain shape is steep, the waters are longitudinal and horizontal, the mountains are surrounded by water, and the interplay is beautiful. This project, as an important part of the comprehensive environmental improvement project of Huangshi Magnetic Lake and the surrounding area, has been awarded the "National Habitat Environment Example Award" by the Ministry of Construction. When the sun sets, looking at the reflection of the magnificent colorful sunset, we remembered our original design intention: to see the mountains, look at the water, and remember the nostalgia!


An artificially created ecological lakescape evolved from an urban soil extraction site.


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