The Faraway Place Where Life Is Set To Go--Tibet Lhasa Four Faces Mountain


Project Scale: 1000 Mu

Location: Lhasa, Tibet

Design Keywords: Plateau Landscape, Ecological Afforestation, Green Infrastructure

Lhasa, Tibet, is a faraway place that we must visit in our life!

To the landscape of Lhasa, the first thing we think of is the Potala Palace, and then ...... still the Potala Palace. Do you know what the opposite landscape is? There are no photos! Let me tell you, the opposite side of the Potala Palace is the "four mountains", two years ago is no trees in the barren land. Below the four-faced mountain is the Lhasa River, which is crystal clear. Why not use water to green the mountain and improve the urban ecological environment of Lhasa?

Lhasa four mountains mountain ecological environment remediation task is huge, the only beautiful landscape design goals include three main aspects: First, to create a national ecological garden city as an opportunity to first expand the total amount of woodland on the mountain, improve the forest coverage, the establishment of a reasonable layout, appropriate amount of green, species diversity, beautiful landscape of the woodland; Second, the recent laying of drip irrigation equipment, complete the Lhasa River south bank of the mountain greening project, in order to build Lhasa's green infrastructure. The introduction of plant species suitable for Tibet, such as rhododendron, plum blossom and other cold-resistant plants; third, the long-term goal, to complete the mountain landscape greening of Lhasa's four mountains, looking out from the Potala Palace, full of green scenery, the formation of pleasant landscapes, humanities inheritance, ecological and harmonious place, the formation of a harmonious coexistence of man and nature of the plateau ecological garden city.


Four-faced mountain after the forest looking north at the Potala Palace


Four-face Mountain before construction


Landscape after forestation (1)


Landscape after forestation (2)


Landscape after forestation (3)