Landscape with Fortune 500 Executives as Neighbors--Shanghai Lvbao Yuan Landscape Design

Project Name: Shanghai Lvbao Yuan Landscape Design

Keywords: international people, outdoor life, center park


"This rare gemstone has excellent transparency and sparkles without any blemishes or flaws. It is so beautifully perfect that it is unrivaled in the world, and it is rightly regarded as a rare emerald ......" Naming a residential area with an emerald is an indication of an incomparably good life, and even more so of the value of the settlement's landscaping.

Emerald Garden Villa is located in Nanhui Kangqiao Development Zone. After years of development has become one of Shanghai's mature upscale villa community, its years of pure American-style planning, American-style property management and other Western concepts and implementation, so that the entire community of residents in the majority of foreigners, overseas people in Shanghai, a county gathering place. The landscape even relies on true North American outdoor living, with the combination of Chinese elements of rockery and borderless swimming pools in each home, outdoor gas barbecue platforms and courtyard landscape treatments for yard parties, it is a landscape design with the ultimate outdoor living as the benchmark. Greenbelt currently has approximately 600 expatriate residents, and Pudong is home to the regional headquarters of more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. A considerable number of executives and their families live here.


Entrance Road

Water feature in front of the gate


Center Park


Molded Flower Bed