Pursue Excellence--Shanghai Chongming Baoyi Scenic Waterfront Landscape Design


Project Name: Shanghai Chongming Baoyi Scenic Waterfront

Project features: low potential green space, rain garden, ecological water treatment

This project is located in Chenjia town international golf course community, set vacation and leisure residence in one, the architectural style for European classical Spanish style. The site was originally a low-lying area that required sand blowing and backfilling. The building is also the second floor level with the design ground and the first floor is an open basement. The original site had part of a river and more water systems were planned on the water conservancy. Vimeo Landscape's designers respected the relationship of the water bodies on the site to perfect the water system design. The water system is based on the concept of the sea as a river, all the north-south longitudinal water system leads to the east-west transverse main river, the center of the landscape is a landscaped lake. The water system is designed for ecological water treatment, and the bottom of the water is covered with suitable submerged plants to keep the water body clean at low cost.

Because of the need to deal with the relationship between the open basement and the surrounding landscape, special treatment was given to the low level green space to accept and treat the rainwater. Everything reflects the theme of landscape design: "Ecological landscape garden island villa": through the combination of landscape and architecture, the beauty of nature and life is reflected through islands, streams, courtyards, villas and gardens. This project was awarded "2013 National Excellent Landscape Project Case Gold Award" by China Landscape Network.


Waterfront courtyard and open basement


Neighborhood Exchange Courtyard

Front yard design


Backyard design


Neighborhood road green space design


Central landscape axis